Nowadays a lot of machines have a monitoring system. Most of the systems are still missing the ability to measure the condition of the machines and the need for service. By providing them with this equipment, a lot of money can be saved. In this course we discuss which parameters are important and possible to monitor at a reasonable cost.

This demands an increased understanding of modern maintenance work, especially vibration- and bearing condition monitoring. Therefore, the participants are also learning about condition monitoring and how to use these inspections to assess the state of the machines. In this course we also discuss applicable ISO-norms for different kind of systems.

Purpose: To learn about different systems for monitoring and understand how different parameters can be used to get an optimal supervision of equipment, with consideration to availability and economy.

Aim: After the course the participants shall be able to choose the right type of monitoring system with consideration to the requirements of availability and economy.

Prerequisites: Experience of industrial activities.

Course length: 2 days

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