Maintenance work in a management perspective

How can a maintenance department work to reach the same efficiency as other departments in a company?

All organisations are working to reach their goals. The co-workers understanding of these goals and how they commit to them are key issues also for the maintenance cost of a company. This course increases the understanding of the importance of an effective maintenance work.

The management tools we are working with are, among other, strategic bunker, balanced scorecard and different kind of exercises aiming at strengthen cooperativeness. We are also discussing common ratios, such as OEE, and how to calculate them.

Purpose: To present management tools useful for creating an interest and commitment for maintenance work.

Aim: The participants shall be able to use the presented management tools in their own companies and thereby working for streamlining the maintenance work.

Prerequisites: Experience from maintenance work from a management point of view.

Course length: 2 days

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