Basic condition monitoring

Grundkurs maskinkonditionsmätning
Condition monitoring is a cost effective way to do maintenance work. This can be done in several ways. Vibration measurement is the work procedure which has proven to give the most detailed information of the machine. Different kind of faults generates vibrations with different characteristics. By analyzing the vibration pattern it is possible to find out what is wrong with the machine.

In this basic course the participants learn how to measure, analyze and take care of machine vibrations. We discuss common types of faults, such as unbalance, bearing faults, resonance etc., and how to attend to them. Theory is mixed with practical assignments in machine analysis and balancing.

We also discuss the economic aspect of maintenance work and how to work economically in a way which increases machine run-time.

Purpose: To create an understanding of how vibration measurements can be used as a tool for creating increased machine run-time and lower the operation costs.

Aim: The participants shall have a basic knowledge of condition monitoring and be able to measure, understand and attend to the root causes of damaging vibrations.

Prerequisites: Experience from industrial activities.

Course length: 2 days

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