ME 52™ Evaluator & Balancer

Only for smart people!

  • ME 52™ minimizes your maintenance costs
  • ME 52™ presents your machinery faults in plain language
  • ME 52™ is the easiest way for you to perform field balancing

Easy to use

No training is necessary for doing an automatic evaluation with ME 52™. The instrument can also be used as an ordinary vibrometer, just measuring vibration levels.

Balancing instruction are given directly in the display. Angular position and size of the balancing weights are presented.

ME 52™ can also distribute the balancing weight to fixed positions e.g. to bolts in a coupling or to blades in a fan.

ME 52™ has a unique built-in knowledge of rotating machine analysis

ME 52™ includes a rule-based analysis tool based on many years experience of vibration problems. Some of the specifics are:

  • Defined measurement procedure in 3 directions according to ISO 10816-1.
  • Frequency analysis with high accuracy.
  • 3 different bearing condition methods give high quality data.
  • Rules are based on knowledge gathered from more than 40 years of vibration measurement.
  • Direct result in the handheld instrument.
  • Evaluation of probable faults is presented in plain language.

Analyse vibrations with the help of ME 52™

ME 52™ software gives you the possibility to save measurement data in a PC for a deeper aanalysis.

From every point of measurement there are several frequency spectra and top lists showing the highest vibrations.

Now also in version with backlight display.

Support 7 different languages.

Technical specification

Balancing: Method: Vectorbalancing,
Speedrange: 0.5-1000Hz,
Unit: Velocity,
Position: 0-360 or fixed,
Test weight removal: Optional,
Bandwith: 20 CPM,
Storage: 10 positions
Dynamics: 16 bits A/D Sigma/Delta converter with >74 dB dynamics
Antialiasing filter: Digital and analog antialiasing filter
Frequency range: 0.4 –12.2 kHz
Frequency step: 0.04 Hz resolution
Sampling speed: Up to 31250 Hz, selectable
Frequency range: 0.4-150 Hz, 0.4-300 Hz, 0.4-1500 Hz, 0.4-3000 Hz, 0.4-6 kHz, 0.4-12.2 kHz
Resolution: 400, 800, 1600, 3200 lines
Integration: None, single, double
Demodulation: Built in with 2 selectable filters HP 600 Hz, 2 kHz
Bearing condition: L-method velocity mm/s RMS, g method acc. g 2-12 kHz RMS
Units: Metric, imperial, selectable
Frequency/speed: Hz or RPM
Processor: ARM 32 bit architecture flip chip BGA
Memory: 2 MB
Storage: 10 bearings in 3 directions and configuration data
Communication: Serial RS232 115KBaud
Input: Acceleration: 0-20 g (RMS)
Velocity: 0-199.99 mm/s (RMS)
Amplitude: 0-1999.99 µm (0-P)
I/O: 2 mA CC Accelerometer, 5V powered tacho, RS232, charger
Transducer sensitivity: 100 mV/g or 500 mV/g, selectable
Auto. power down: 5, 10, 15, 20 min or off
Battery: 5×1800 MAh NiMh, or std AA, standard charger
LCD: Twist 64×128 pixel
Accelerometer: ME 42 integrated cable/BNC 100 mV/g nominal 0.5-15 kHz with magnet
Operational temperature: 0-50 DEG C (32 to 122 DEG F) 20 mA
Dimension: 105x220x35mm (4.13×7.95×1.38”)
Weight: 400 g ex. battery
Op. time: Ca 25 hours operational
Stand by: 0.05 mA or less
Charge time: 4 hours
Optical tacho: 0 – 250 000 RPM
Current consumption: 20 mA

Data sheet
ME 52™

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