ME 32™ Vibration Tester

  • ME 32™ measures vibration, bearing condition, temperature and rotational speed
  • ME 32™ presents frequency spectra helping you to identify different machine problems
  • ME 32™ presents top lists of the highest vibrations

Defined measurement procedure in 3 directions according to ISO 10816-1.

3 different bearing condition methods give high quality data.

Frequency analysis with high accuracy and many possibilities for settings of your own.

ME 32™ software helps you carry out in depth analysis

ME 32™ software offers you the possibility of saving data from your measurements in a PC for a deeper analysis of trends for example.

From each measurement point there are several frequency spectra and top lists showing the highest vibration levels.

Frequency spectra in ME 32™ software

Technical specification

Dynamics: 16 bits A/D Sigma/Delta converter with >74 dB dynamics
Anti aliasing filter: Digital and analog anti aliasing filter
Frequency range: 0.4 –12.2 kHz
Frequency step: 0.04 Hz resolution
Sampling speed: Upp till 31250 Hz, selectable
Frequency range: 0.4-150 Hz, 0.4-300 Hz, 0.4-1 500 Hz, 0,4-3 000 Hz, 0.4-6 kHz, 0.4-12.2 kHz
Resolution: 400, 800, 1600, 3200 lines
Integration: None, single, double
Demodulation: Built in with 2 selectable filters HP 600 Hz, 2 kHz
Bearing condition: L-method velocity mm/s RMS, g method acc. g 2-12 kHz RMS
Units: Metric, imperial, selectable
Frequency/speed: Hz or RPM
Processor: ARM 32 bit architecture flip chip BGA
Memory: 2 MB
Storage: 10 bearings in 3 directions and configuration data
Communication: Serial RS232 115KBaud
Input: Acceleration: 0-20 g (RMS)
Velocity: 0-199.99 mm/s (RMS)
Amplitude: 0-1999.99 um (0-P)
I/O: 2 mA CC Accelerometer, 5V powered tacho, RS232, charger
Transducer sensitivity: 100 mV/g or 500 mV/g, selectable
Auto. power down: 5, 10, 15, 20 min or off
Battery: Std AA (Option: standard charger, 5×1800 mAh NiMh)
LCD: Twist 64×128 pixel
Accelerometer: ME 42 integrated cable/BNC 100 mV/g nominal 0.5-15 kHz with magnet
Operational temperature: 0-50 DEG C (32 to 122 DEG F) 20 mA
Dimension: 105x220x35mm (4.13×7.95×1.38”)
Weight: 400 g ex. battery
Op. time: Ca 25 hours operational
Stand by: 0.05 mA or less
Charge time: 4 hours
Optical tacho: 0 – 250 000 RPM
Current consumption: 20 mA

Data sheet
ME 32™

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