Adash VA4 & VA5

VA4 & VA5

The VA4 & VA5 are advanced vibration analyzers, it is a complete package for predictive condition maintenance.
The VA4 & VA5 are capable of measuring, processing, displaying and storing a wide range of measurement parameters.

You can collect various types of field data; examples are vibration information, bearing analysis, temperature, speed and other process variables that enables you to expand its functionality by adding new measurements to improve your analysis capabilities. You may also use the VA4&VA5 for 1 or 2 plane balancing.

Features of VA4 & VA5:

The VA4 & VA5 analysis software runs on a Windows 10(tm) tablet

Made for rough use in hard environments. IP65 casing and operating temperature of -20 to +70 °C

VA4 & VA5 has a graphical user interface and a user friendly context sensitive HELP. The measurements are grouped so a beginner easily can handle them, but also the experienced users gets satisfied by the advanced measurement menus.

The instrument works with all standard vibration transducer on the market. In the Route measurement you may define a customized transducer for each measurement point; this makes most signals accessible, in order to get additional information that might improve the condition measurement quality.The instrument is compatible with any external tachometer and also with standard 4-20 mA process transducers (flow, pressure, temperature and so.)

VA4 & VA5 is an essential tool for the monitoring of machine health. It has a high performance/ cost value and offers reliable measurements to ISO standards in combination with a range of smart features.

Data Sheet

Adash VA4 (A4400) Data Sheet

Adash VA5 (A4500) Data Sheet

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