ME 72

Your personal machine diagnostics package.
Carry along your own expert to cure your machines.

ME72 helps you to very effectively:

  • Decide if your machines operate optimal.
  • Complete PC software included.
  • Analysis band with trend and alarms.
  • Judge problems in your machines, unbalance, alignment, bearings and more.
  • Supports you in your work to increase productivity and reduce unplanned stops.

How? Nothing magic, just the same as human experts do.

  • Methodical procedure, 3 measurement positions according to ISO recommendations.
  • High resolution FFT and several bearing condition methods and demodulation.
  • 30+ parameters are evaluated from every frequency analysis.
  • Built in rule based system with a number of rules does the analysis on site.
  • Based on rules used successfully since the 50´s.
  • Suggestions based on the evaluated measurements are presented in clear text.

If that is not good enough?

  • You are always secure, email the data to us for a more human analysis, the 3 first analyses are included in the price with 1 year upgrade of rules and software.
  • We and our resellers help you to solve your machine problems, also on site.

What types of problems? 80+% of the common faults that are 90% of faults found.

  • Unbalance
  • Alignment
  • Looseness
  • Bearing faults
  • Electrical
  • etc

Rules developed continuously and are updated yearly.

Any catch?

  • You need to either measure or enter the speed of the machine for analysis.

Data sheet

ME 72

Demo Software

Some features described included in future upgrades.

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