The Wi-care transmitter is the element allowing the on-site measure. Transmitters are arranged on the various control points. These wireless cases are going to be controlled according to the parameters entered the I-see platform.

As part of wireless device it is obvious that the autonomy of the battery and the management of the internal energy are very important points. This part was the subject to a quite particular attention during our developments and we are particularly proud of the result obtained from 5 years of autonomy for a single battery. This tool can thus allow to control equipment in distant dangerous places or equipment that need a closer follow-up.

The communication distance of a sensor can reach outdoors a distance of 100 meters. As this distance may be insufficient according to your applications, we developed a new tool that complete our transmitter, the range extender.

Range extender
We cared about real distances of transmission in the industrial environment. The Wi-care communication touch upon approximately a hundred meters. To constantly improve the Wi-care technology and cover a maximum of situations, the I-care engineers developed a repeater of signal. The latter is going to increase the reach of communication of Wi-care. The reach of communication between 2 range extenders can achieve outdoors a distance of 1.000 meters adapted to all types of industry. Furthermore, range extenders can be installed in series allowing to cover the largest part of your problems.

The third part of the Wi-care system is composed of a central processing unit called gateway. The gateway represents the link between the hardware part and the cloud where will be sent, stored and processed the data. It represents the central processing unit of the system allowing to command the various transmitters as well as the created network.
Once the measure is made by the transmitter, this one is directly sent to the gateway. The first calculations of global levels will be already realized at this stage. SMS alerts will be sent if it needs to be. As soon as possible, by internet connection, the results will be transferred on our I-see servers. The information will be then accessible by every people authorized by a secured access of login and password. Our remote analyses department is naturally available for any support 24/24 7/7.

By using Wi-care as wireless monitoring system, ISO-certified engineers (level 3) team, remotely supplies a complete analysis with wise advice on the health of machines as well as on the recommendations of improvements.

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