The new models: Adash VA4 & VA5

The new models: Adash VA4 & VA5

The VA4 & VA5 are 20 years of experience and innovation for vibration measurement and balancing in a package made for use in industrial environments.

The brand new VA4 and VA5 are probably the easiest instrument to use in the class analysis instruments! Try and form your own opinion.

Some strengths:

3-axis measurement
Horizontal, vertical and axial measurement simultaneously speeds up and simplifies data collection.

Made for tough use in harsh environments. IP65 and operating temperature range of -20 to +70 ° C.

Has a graphical user interface, can be used by right or left handed operator and has a context sensitive help menu. The measurement applications and settings are grouped so that a beginner can easily handle them but flexible enough to satisfy the most experienced user. Simple and smooth data and application management.

The instrument can use any known standard vibration sensor. In a round, you can define a custom sensor for each measuring point. The instrument is compatible with all known external tachometers including standard 4-20 mA process sensors (flow, pressure, temperature etc.).


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