Vibrationsteknik AB is often engaged in solving problems in difficult machines also outside Sweden a couple of cases per year. Last 10 years we have produced some 100 reports yearly that cover solved problems in the most diverse areas. If you have a troublesome machine that you and others can not make good, contact us.

Lately we have enhanced our toolkit and we now also have tools for electrical problems. Examples of problems lately are, IR-dryer with abnormal consumption of bulbs, flow induced vibration in rebuilt hydro plant from 1921, flow induced vibrations in preheater, test rig with abnormal rejection rate, structure resonance in super calender, uneven distribution of pulp due to pressure variations. To be added are the “normal” resonance and other problems that designers kindly provide us with to keep us busy. These problems are often only noticed at a later stage during plant commissioning and we strongly suggest a start-up verification procedure to avoid later costly surprises.

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