VTAB and the integrated future

We at VTAB have believed in a mobile and integrated future for as long as I remember. The first time Olov and I talked about using an already existing platform for a vibrometer was ten or twelve years ago, back then it was Microsoft phones, PDAs or maybe Game Boy. All of them missed important features, some were too limited in their input capabilities, some had expensive development environments and none of them lasted for long if Olov used them in industrial settings.Neonode-n2

Five years later I bought my first own smart-phone a Neonode N2. It was and still is the smallest smartphone to reach the market. That little thing had by far more computing power than my first PC and it took me six years to break it, I dropped it hundreds of times, several times in to water and snow, it finally died because of pocket lint. While I had that phone I realised that we were closing in on the holy grail, a vibrometer in every hand at all times.

At that time the current ME-series were new and we knew from earlier experience that windows CE wasn’t the best platform to develop for. But three years later when Olov started talking about how the future replacement of the ME-series would look there were only one viable platform.

Android by google

Android has free(both meanings) development environments, continuously improving hardware and a huge community that already have answered most questions we would ever like to ask. I believe quite firmly that we will have a phone that we can use while crawling through the wet-end of a paper machine without worrying about it within a year or two. These phones have enough computing power for us to replace our whole product line with them (don’t worry we probably won’t).

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