60 years of vibrometer development

It is about 60 years since my father Gösta Lindholm with a friend developed and patented the first vibrometer of the type we kept working on and enhanced since then. US patent is a few years younger. The generation vibrometers we now work on is like the 8th generation and we still use the same moving coil velocity sensor, now in generation 3. Vibrometer design do have some similarities, the sensor generate a signal w/o power supply and in the first version it was directly driving the moving coil instrument that presented the data and in the newest version the signal is sent in to a Android based unit, currently a Samsung Note. We have for each version added functions that customers requested and we needed ourselves. Functions like bearing condition, filter and analysis tools have been added as technology made it possible.

The new generation ME22Droid http://www.vtab.se/products/vibrometers/me22-droid-vibrometer/?lang=en has besides vibration according to ISO standard, multiple bearing values L and g a peak list and also the possibility to store the data with a note. Information can also be sent using standard Android functions like SMS, Email, Bluetooth etc. Something that didn´t even exist in the imagination of Science Fiction writers 60 years ago. Then you wrote the numbers on paper and sent them with carrier pigeons, almost. It is also possible to play Angry Birds for free but it is not a requirement. If your Android unit is  a phone you can also make calls with it but you can still have some practical use of it as a vibrometer. However you have to unplug the sensor when you answer the phone. Development continue and the ME22Droid will be possible to upgrade in several steps in the near future. If you choose to do so. Our aim is to give a possibility for the user to grow with the development of the MEDroid series. Closest to get finished are software enhancements that will give FFT analysis that can be stored, rule based expert analysis etc. ME22Droid level will also be enhanced so if someone like a different ISO standard than the standard 10816-1, large machine, soft foundation it can be done. If Kurtosis, Crest factor is a favourite it can be included, maybe in a “enhanced” mode or version not to clutter the basic and as we hope, easy to read display that is shown when starting. It is my sons Lars and Erik with their friend Caj that develop the software. So technology progress is moving on.

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2 Responses to 60 years of vibrometer development

  1. Shailesh Dalal says:

    I am a vibration consultant.
    Is your product is devlopping software for data collection in route?
    Can we measure temperature?
    All these data can be logged in database for a history?
    If so, you are doing great work, which can change the look of condition monitoring.
    With best Regards

    Shailesh Dalal

  2. Well we are at step 1 out of 3-5 steps and one later step would be route capability or maybe primarily by reading ID tags on the machine but it will be some work before that, also on the PC software so possibly before the end of the year. Next step after the ME22 it is the analyser level with full FFT and cursor with PC software connection for reporting and analysis around midsummer if everything works. One idea is that you could start with the ME22 and then upgrade as we develop if you like. Most steps will be software, at least 3-4 first steps. We are currently looking at a revision of our Bluetooth device so more phones and pads can have Good Vibrations as a input, possibly also of the Apple flavour later this summer. Future version of that could have a IR temp sensor but not the first as it looks now, it need some mechanical fixing to add that. Good thing is that the Samsung Xcover seem to be working possibly even slightly better than the Note. For nerds the Xcover have a very different internals than other Android devices so it is the first we tested of that flavour and it is rugged IP67. However I still like my Note. Olov

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