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Powerplant monitoring

Vibration measurement system at Vattenfall powerplant unit 3 and 4 Stenungsund have been updated after 34 years of use.

We have upgraded the system from a Vibroflex vintage 1978 with a push button channel selector to a 96 channel 01dB MVX system using XPR software including our software JVectorView to replace the sensor selector. JVectorView collect data from the OPC server option in the XPR 01dB system and present selected sensors in 1,4 or 6 polar plots with the 3 latest readings. JVectorview also include reference vector marker and process data display. The system enables various alarms and trending depending on operation status like power, temperature etc. including vector monitoring. JVectorView is also operated using WLAN in the control room on a 10″ PC thus enabling full control during plant operation. Same basic system is installed on a turbine with gearbox at EEM in Eskilstuna where we also have the possibility to remote analyse and control the system using internet. If you also have a Vibroflex or similar vintage device in your panel and or have a radial/axial turbine, a turbine with gearbox or another critical machine, then we can help you to upgrade or revise your monitoring. MVX/XPR system now also have options for on-line ESA for electrical motors including VFD using the same hardware.

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