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How do you evaluate vibration? My view is from a simplified European perspective so I try to follow a ISO standard. My favorite is the venerable ISO 10816-1 that is based on a limited shaky foundation from the 1950´s. To make it further easy to use as it was in the beforetime I look at all machines as large machines on weak foundation so it makes my need to remember numbers so limited so I can handle it.

So if a machines vibration measured according to the ISO is less than 2.8mm/s it is ok for new machine delivery and will live a long and happy life, I would likely accept 3.0-3.2 mm/s also as decimals in this area have limited value in my view.

When the machine reach formally 7.1 mm/s you should analyze and repair and get it down to around 3 mm/s depending on the machines life, cost for fix, life expectancy and time available, you may need to settle for something slightly worse.

If your machine reach 18mm/s you should avoid operation, investigation and repair is mandatory. Diesels, reciprocating compressors and hammer mills may be excluded.

Company record is currently 200mm/s on rotating machinery then you should tip toe out of the danger zone. Remember this my simplified view to make it easy, there are 10+ standards differentiating all kind of machines and a full CD when all vibration related standards are included. In my view comparing to some time proven limits give at least some guideline when machines need to be evaluated.

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  1. Rafael Jorda says:

    Sounds “pragmatic”, but try to explain a young non experienced engineer, that he should accept a new ventilator with a 50 kW drive to shake above 1 mm/s and he will claim that you are more or less a dynosaur with no skill in modern technological limits! Then he will spend hundreds of hours trying to get the vibration down and claiming about the poor quality of the fan….

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