By measuring vibrations it is possible to detect different faults in a machine. Different types of faults generate vibrations with different frequencies. Using our instruments you always have full control of the condition of the machines. Thereby it is possible to avoid expensive breakdowns.

Decide easily the condition on your machine, compare to normal and advised levels.

ME 52™ Vector balancing and expert supported analysis

ME52™ is the most effective tool you can have for field balancing and machine analysis.

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ME 42™ -Intelligent vibration measurement instrument

ME 42™ is doing an automatic evaluation of a machine and presents the faults in plain language. All you have to do is to enter the speed of the machine and place the transducer at the chosen points for measurement. ME 42™ identifies all common faults in rotating machinery, such as unbalance, misalignment, resonance, bearing problems, mechanical looseness etc.

ME 42™ is the easiest machine evaluator to use and it has the most advanced rule based system in its price range.

ME 42™ is an instrument for the beginners as well as the experienced technicians. The instrument can be used as an ordinary vibrometer, measuring vibrations. There are also great possibilities for manual frequency analysis and individual settings.

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ME 32™ – Vib.Tester

ME 32™ measures vibrations, bearing condition, temperature and speed. The instrument is presenting frequency spectra helping you to identify different problems in rotating machinery. There are also top lists showing the highest vibrations.

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VTM 36™

VTM 36™ is a vibrometer, measuring vibration levels, bearing condition and temperature.

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VTP 1 is an easy to use vibration tester for analyzing machine vibration levels. The instrument measures vibration velocity in accordance with ISO (10 – 1000 Hz).

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