VA43T Vibration converter

Predicting the future is not regarded as easy, but for machinery there are good possibilities to, through a vibration check find out what will happen.


In its simplest form this happens through alarm and/or triggering at an increased
vibration level or the developing of bearing defects. Vibrationsteknik presents several
solutions in the series VA 43.

Here is a presentation of VA 43T that is a transmitter, or a sensor reading converter,
that can be connected to a computer for measuring and alarm setup. There is also separate
level guards in different alternatives. Through a transmitter the basic surveillance of the
vibration level can be executed so that for example inbalances, alignment faults, cracks
in shafts, electric faults, etc. can be discovered. By using another transmitter, disturbances
at a very low level from bearing damages can be indicated through Vibrationstekniks new,
simple and secure L-method. All are True RMS and give 4(0)-20mA output.


The sensor delivered with the package is Vibrationstekniks velocity sensor,VT16.13.

As an alternative, all kinds of accelerometers and eddy probe sensors can be connected.
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Data sheet

VA 43 T

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