Machine condition monitoring

Condition based maintenance means, during operation, monitoring the condition of the machines. This means that the general condition of the machines is always known which enables an accurate planning of maintenance actions. It is possible to plan according to the real need instead of working with periodic maintenance actions, which sometimes are unnecessary.

Condition based maintenance gives the opportunity of having control of the machines and the maintenance actions instead of on the opposite. With this way of working the interval between the efforts can often be extended.

Working with condition based maintenance has many benefits:

  • Increased availability in the production
  • Decreased number of spare parts in storage
  • Decreased energy consumption
  • Decreased influence on the environment
  • Increased length of life of the machines

Monitoring the condition of a machine can be performed in many ways, for example vibration measurement, electric motor testing, oil analysis, IR-termography and ultrasound.

Our condition monitoring include measurement, analysis and a report describing the status of the machine and its needs for maintenance actions.

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