New Android Vibrometer

After 18 months work we presented a new Vibrometer at UH2012 trade fair in Gothenburg. It is a piece of software in a Android Phone. Currently Samsung Note is the only certified unit, Qualcom version not tested yet. Likely it is the first Android vibrometer and possibly the first vibrometer where you can play AngryBirds for free. We will develop the software further to include all ME series versions and functions and some more to come. It will be possible to upgrade as the versions are released.


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2 Responses to New Android Vibrometer

  1. Giovanni says:

    Hi, very nice application
    i’m intereste about ME22 Droid – vibrometer
    how much it will cost?

    thanks in advance

  2. Our goal is €1100:- including a Samsung Note phone. Delivery start in May or maybe earlier. Olov

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